Local and State Campaign Items

Items produced for campaigns for local and statewide elections are referred to by collectors as “Locals”. In general, they tend to be considerably less expensive then presidential items of similar rarity. “Locals” collectors tend to narrow their focus by specializing in certain states, regions, eras or offices. Demand for these items is usually determined by their historical significance. Future president’s items from obscure early campaigns seem to have the widest appeal and bring consistently higher prices. For more typical “locals” the value plummets dramatically after the few obsessive collectors have acquired their examples i.e. the pool of interested parties is often quite shallow. To follow are some early Montana locals and others with a broader appeal. I collect all Montana offices prior to 1960.

Three old ribbons with a man 's head on one side and an eagle on the other.

Congressional Delegate Ribbons: Carter and Sanders

A close up of four ribbons with political posters

Early Congressional Ribbons

A bunch of political buttons are on the wall


A bunch of political buttons are on the wall


A bunch of political buttons and a ribbon


A collection of badges and buttons are displayed.

Miscelleneous Elections

A political campaign sign for b. K. Wheeler in montana

Wheeler Posters from 1928