Montana Presidential Items

Parties and individual vendors have produced and distributed items supporting the campaigns of presidential contenders since the early 19th century. These items have included ribbons, badges, pins, bandannas, posters, pamphlets, stickers and three dimensional items such as statuettes and dishes. The majority of these items are “national” with no regional flavor. I find items produced for more “local” distribution to be more interesting and more challenging to obtain. These are produced by “local” organizations for fundraising, conventions, candidate visits, and events or to tie a local candidate to a popular presidential candidate (coattails). Montana for its population has produced a relatively large number of these items. These have been the focus of my collecting for the last three decades. The items pictured on this site will focus on earlier items(before 1960) which tend to appear less frequently but there are a multitude of items produced in the last three decades often targeting the collector audience rather than the campaign. I will only present a few of these that are relatively uncommon and sought by collectors.

Grover Cleveland 1884, 1888 and 1892

Three different banners are shown on a table.

A ribbon with the words young men 's democratic club on it.
A red ribbon with the name of stevenson on it.

Benjamin Harrison 1888 and 1892

A group of ribbons that are on the ground.

William Mckinley 1896 and 1900

A button and ribbon with an image of president mckinley.  

Two bookmarks with a portrait of william mckinley.

A green ribbon with the words " alternate st. Louis june 1 9 0 8."

William Jennings Bryan 1896, 1900 and 1908

A bunch of buttons that are on the ground

Trigate features Silver Republicans Hartman and Mantle

A red ribbon with an image of a man on it.

A group of four ribbons with various images on them.

A close up of several old ribbons with political information.


Alton Parker 1904

Theodore Roosevelt 1904 and 1912

A bunch of buttons that are on the ground        A group of ribbons and medals are shown.

A plaque with an image of a man in bronze.  Three old newspaper strips are shown on a table.

A picture of an eagle and a man in suit.

A contract with the people. Platform of the progressive party adopted at the state convention, hoboken, september 7, 1 9 2 0

A close up of two ribbons with a picture on them

              A painting of theodore roosevelt on the wall.

William Taft 1908 and 1912

A close up of two buttons on a table

A group of ribbons and buttons are displayed.    Three ribbons with political slogans on them.

Lanstrum and Clay were delegates to the national convention

Charles Hughes 1916

Two banners are shown side by side.  A close up of the ribbon for an event

Warren Harding 1920

Two old fashioned ribbon banners with a man in uniform.

Lafollette 1924

A button that says vote progressive for the montana council of progressive political action.

Alfred Smith 1928

A drawing of a man with a beard.   A book with a compass on the cover.

Franklin Roosevelt 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944

A group of four buttons with the image of president roosevelt.

Silver Dollar Club is 1934

A couple of old paper banners with pictures of men.

A poster of two men with the names of each one.        A fan with an image of fdr on it.

Wendell Willkie 1940

A political campaign sign for the state senator.   A political poster with an image of fdr.

A poster of two men with the names of each one.

Thomas Dewey 1944 and 1948

Two ribbons with political buttons on them.

Harry Truman 1948

A poster of the 1 9 5 6 democratic ticket.

Dwight Eisenhower 1952 and 1956

A button with the words " montana for ike ".

Adali Stevenson 1952 and 1956

John Kennedy 1960

A pair of business cards with the names of presidents.

Richard Nixon 1960, 1968 and 1972

A plaque on the side of a building.

other pins exist but are part of state sets and are relatively common

Lyndon Johnson 1964

A wooden hat sitting on top of a paper bag.

A ticket for the democratic central committee of montana and cascade county.

Modern Elections

A bunch of buttons that are on the ground

Selection of some difficult pins from more recent elections

Montana Candidates on the National Stage

A button with a picture of thos j walsh on it.

Presidential Hopeful 1924 and 1928

A bunch of buttons that are on the ground

Burton Wheeler Vice-President Progressive Party 1924

A close up of three buttons with the words " win with wheeler ".   A poster of wheeler with the name of his publisher.

Wheeler Presidential Hopeful 1940

If you have campaign items you would like to sell or have appraised contact us through the link or text photos to (406)217-2017


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